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We design interiors, buildings, objects and landscapes to improve quality of life in regard to aesthetics and functionality.
Alex Petunin
more than design

Multi-disciplinary studio

Oneione is a group of companies. We create cutting-edge design using an integrated approach in 4 directions:

  • Intreriors
  • Architecture
  • Objects
  • Transport

We are united by love for our work, modern design and technology. We undertake only those projects that ignite us, and we only accept people with burning eyes who share our ideals and our passion in to the team.

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ver the past 10 years, we have implemented more than 300 interiors, industrial and graphic design objects, held many international exhibitions and accumulated vast experience in our field.

We create comfortable, practical, beautiful and harmonious modern interiors for:

  • Restaurants
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Beauty Shops
  • Apartments
  • Country houses
  • Landscapes
  • Yachts

We value:

Sustainability and minimalism
Less is more. We aim to say everything, using aminimum of resources. Calm proportions, harmonious colors, elegant simplicity, environmentally friendly materials, a lot of light and air - the characteristic features of the design studio.

Purity of concept
The beauty of clean solutions is the main source of inspiration when creating interiors. We are driven by the desire to find only true, whole and unique solution for every interior.

Out of time
We create designs that remain relevant even afterdecades.

Economic efficiency
Time has shown that the solutions we offer for commercial interiors are implemented in the planned budget, work well and pay off themselves.

Freshness and creativity
We love the creative process and always strive tocreate new design solutions that surprise and reveal familiar objects from an unexpected side.

Who We Are

Key partners

Alex Petunin

Professional architect, interior and product designer, diplomed artist. Was born in Saint-Petersburg 1986. Got a master's degree in architecture in 2009, found a multidisciplinary studio "oneione", personal brand Alex Petunin and SOFTAX furniture design company.

Alexander Varin

Professional interior designer and artist. Was born in Saint-Petersburg 1985. In 2008 got a diploma of interior designer at Saint-Petersburg University of Technology and Design.


We work together to build our projects in excellent quality

We provide for our clients quality service of interior design and realisation